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ADPLUS is trademark owned by Trimax Machinery. Besides supplying simply better crushers, Trimax Machinery has always believed in sourcing and supplying high quality and innovative products that will enhance and help our customers work that much easier, smarter and more efficient.

Many of these high quality and innovative products are marketed under the ADPLUS brand and known for their premium quality. Besides supplying to many of our existing customers, these products are installed in the complete crushing plants supplied by Trimax Machinery as well.  

What is ADPLUS?

Why did we initiate the ADPLUS Online Shop?

The ADPLUS Online Shop aims to fulfill many customers' needs for : -

Ease of searching for quarry supplies.

Available 24 x 7 / 365 days a year. Come rain or shine or even during a global pandemic.

Transparent pricing.

Unparalled convenience when ordering.

Centralised purchasing control required by many Purchasing Managers or Department Heads for their various crushing sites.

Transparent purchasing decisions by purchasers required by quarry owners.  

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The ADPLUS Online Shop is by no means a comprehensive or a one-stop shop by far. Nor do we claim it to be. But, we will definitely be actively and  continuously adding suitable products to it. IF you do not find what you are looking for. Please drop us an email inquiry or check back again at the ADPLUS Online Shop in the near future.

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