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125 Canica Impeller

42-30 S/T Lower Side Liner

42-30 S/T Toggle Plate

42-30 S/T Toggle Seat

42-30 S/T Upper Side Liner

48-42 S/T Side Liner Bolt

48-42 S/T Toggle Spring

48-42 S/T Toggle Seat

60-50 Fixed Jaw Bolt

60-50 Jaw Saw Nut

536 Impactor Door Liner

G30 Bevel & Pinion Gear

G30 Center Wear Ring

G30 Counter Shaft Sleeve

G30 Dust Seal Retainer

G30 Dust Seal Ring

G30 Mantle 13 1/2"

G30 Oil Thrower

G30 Outer Bushing

G30 Piston Seal Hallite

G30 Piston Wear Ring

G30 Spider Bushing

G30/ G40 Lower Spider Seal

G35 Bottom Wear Ring

G35 Double Roller Cylnderical Bearing

G35 Dust Seal Ring

G35 Head Nut

G35 Main Shaft Bearing

G35 Concave

G35 Lower Spider Seal

G35 Main Shaft Sleeve

G35 Main Shaft Wear Ring

G35 Mantle

G35 Piston Seal Hallite

G35 Spherical Roller Bearing

G40 Bevel & Pinion Gear

G40 Dust Seal Ring Retainer

G40 Main Shaft Sleeve

G40 Outer Bushing

G50 Angulator Contact Bearing

G50 Bottom Wear Ring (w/o Grooves)

G50 Concave

G50 Double Roller Cylinder Bearing

G50 Head Nut

G50 Main Shaft Sleeve

G50 Main Shaft Wear Ring (w/o Grooves)

G50 Mantle

G50 Spherical Roller Bearing

G50 Spider Oil Seal


80/ 95 Toggle Seat

106/ 107/ 120S Toggle Pin

107/ 120S Hinge Pin Bush

107/ 120S Inner Toggle Spring

107/ 120S Outer Toggle Spring

107/ 120S Pull Back Spring

120S Jaw Plate

120/ 120S Toggle Seat

CT1000 Frame Bushing

CT1000 Thrust Bowl

CT1300 Frame Bushing

CT1300 Inner Bushing

CT1300 Thrust Bowl


60-42 D/T Fixed Jaw Plate

60-42 D/T Swing Jaw Plate

60-42 D/T Toggle Head

60-42 D/T Toggle Seat

60-48 D/T Fixed Jaw Cap

60-48 D/T Swing Jaw Cap


1560 SH Concave (M)

1560 SH Mantle


4-36 EX Concave

13-36 DH Concave

13-36 DH Head Nut

13-36 DH Mantle

13-36 Inner Ecccentric Bushing

12-45 Concave Support Ring

12-60 Concave

30 Eccentric

30 Main Shaft Step

30 Piston Wear Plate

30 Spider Bushing

30 Spider Oil Seal

36 Bevel & Pinion Gear

36 Dust Seal Ring

36 Head Nut

36 Main Shaft Sleeve

36 Main Shaft Step

36 Outer Bushing

36 Pinion Seal (Viton)

36 Piston O Ring

36 Piston Wear Plate

36 Spider Bushing

36 Spider Oil Seal (Steel Casing)

36 Step Washer

36 V Packing

36 Autofine/ 7-36 EX Concave

36 Autofine/ 7-36 EX Concave Support Ring

36 Autofine/ 7-36 EX Inner Eccentric Bushing

36 Autofine/ 7-36 EX Mantle

36 Autofine/ 7-36 EX Splash Ring

45 Dust Seal Ring

45 Head Nut

45 Main Shaft Sleeve

45 Main Shaft Step

45 Piston Wear Plate

45 Spider Bushing

45 Spider Oil Seal

45 Step Washer

45 V Packing

45 Autofine/ 9-45 EX Concave

45 Autofine/ 9-45 EX Concave Support Ring

45 Autofine/ 9-45 EX Inner Eccentric Bushing

45 Autofine/ 9-45 EX Mantle

51 Head Nut

51 Spider Bushing

51 Spider Oil Seal

51 Main Shaft Sleeve

51 Outer Bushing

51 Outer Bushing (w/ Lugs)

54 DH Head Nut

60 Dust Seal Retainer

60 Dust Seal Ring

60 Eccentric Wear Plate

60 Head Nut

60 Main Shaft Sleeve

60 Main Shaft Step

60 Step Washer

60 Spider Bushing

60 V Packing

60 Inner Eccentric Bushing 4" F.O. 25mm Throw

60 Outer Bushing (w/ Lugs)

60 Autofine/ 7-60 EX Outer Bushing

60 Autofine/ EX Concave Support Ring

60-48 D/T Cylindrical Roller Bearing N Type

60-48 D/T Toggle Block

60-48 D/T Toggle Seat

72 Head Nut

72 Spider Bushing

72 V Packing    


3' Head Nut

3' Outer Bushing

3' Socket

3' Torch Ring

3' SH Inner Eccentric Bushing

3' SH Socket Liner

3' STD Socket Liner

4 1/4' Bevel & Pinion Gear

4 1/4' Counter Shaft Box Bush

4 1/4' Elastic Seal

4 1/4' Head Nut

4 1/4' Head Nut Cover

4 1/4' Main Shaft Sleeve

4 1/4' Outer Bushing (Oversize 3mm)

4 1/4' SH Concave

4 1/4' STD Inner Eccentric Bushing

4 1/4' STD Socket Liner

7' Spring Housing


42-30 (S6N) Lower Side Liner (L)

42-30 (S6N) Lower Side Liner (R)


C125 Lower Side Liner

C125 Middle Jaw Wedge

C125 Upper Jaw Wedge

C125 Toggle Plate

C125 Toggle Seat

C125 Toggle Spring

C125 Upper Side Liner

C140 BS Lower Jaw Wedge

C140 BS Middle Jaw Wedge

C140 BS Lower Side Liner

C140 BS Toggle Plate

C140 Toggle Rod Spring

C140 BS Toggle Seat

C140 BS Upper Fixed Jaw Wedge

C140 BS Upper Jaw Wedge Plate

G1014 Spider Bushing

G1211/ G2011 Dust Seal Ring

G1211 Head Nut

G1211/ G2011 Inner Eccentric Bushing

G1211 Main Shaft Sleeve

G1211/ G2011/ G2511/ G3511 Outer Bushing

G2511/ G3511 Dust Seal Ring

G2511/ G3511 Head Nut

G2812/ G3812 Inner Eccentric Bushing

G2812 Spider Bushing

G3210/ G3610 Head Nut

G3511 Burn Ring

G3511 Bevel & Pinion Gear

G3511 Concave

G3511 Main Shaft Sleeve

G3511 Main Shaft Step

G3511 Spider Bushing

G3511 Step Washer

G3511/ G3810 Spider Oil Seal

G3812 Dust Seal Ring

G3812 Main Shaft Step

G3812 Piston Wear Plate

GP200 Dust Seal Ring

GP200 Main Frame Bush

GP200 Spider Bush

GP200S Inner Eccentric Bushing

GP300 Dust Seal Ring

GP300S Torch Ring

GP300S Top Bearing Seal

HP300 Concave

HP300 Counter Shaft Bush

HP300 Inner Eccentric Bushing

HP300 Upper Head Bush

HP300 Mantle

HP400 Head

HP400 Lower Head Bushing

HP400 Pinion Gear

HP400 Socket Liner


1208H Jaw Wedge

1208H Support Bar

1312JM Support Bar

1312JM Jaw Wedge

1513J Lower Side Liner

1513J Upper Side Liner

907JM Deflector Plate

907JM Lower Side Liner

CH/CS430/ H/S3800/ H/S3000 Bevel & Pinion Gear

CH/CS430/ H/S3800/ H/S3000 Burn Ring

CH/CS430/ H/S3800/ H/S3000 Dust Seal Ring

CH/CS430/ H/S3800/ H/S3000 Eccentric Wear Plate

CH/CS430/ H/S3800/ H/S3000 Head Nut

CH/CS430/ H/S3800/ H/S3000 Inner Head Nut

CH/CS430/ H/S3800/ H/S3000 Inner Eccentric Bushing

CH/CS430/ H/S3800/ H/S3000 Main Shaft Sleeve

CH/CS430/ H/S3800/ H/S3000 Main Shaft Step

CH/CS430/ H/S3800/ H/S3000 Narrow Arm Liner

CH/CS430/ H/S3800/ H/S3000 Pinion Arm Liner

CH/CS430/ H/S3800/ H/S3000 Piston Wear Plate

CH/CS430/ H/S3800/ H/S3000 Spider Bushing

CH/CS430/ H/S3800/ H/S3000 Spider Oil Seal

CH430/ H3800/ H3000 Concave M

CH430/ H3800/ H3000 Mantle B

CS430/ S3800/ S3000 Arm Shield

CS430/ S3800/ S3000 Lower Concave EC

CS430/ S3800/ H3000 Mantle A

CS430/ S3800/ H3000 Spider Bushing

CS430/ S3800/ S3000 Upper Segment EC

CH/CS440/ H/S4800/ H/S4000 Dust Seal Ring

CH/CS440/ H/S4800/ H/S4000 Dust Seal Retainer

CH/CS440/ H/S4800/ H/S4000 Eccentric Wear Plate

CH/CS440/ H/S4800/ H/S4000 Head Nut

CH/CS440/ H/S4800/ H/S4000 Inner Seal Ring

CH/CS440/ H/S4800/ H/S4000 Main Shaft Sleeve

CH/CS440/ H/S4800/ H/S4000 Main Shaft Step

CH/CS440/ H/S4800/ H/S4000 Narrow Arm Liner

CH/CS440/ H/S4800/ H/S4000 Outer Bushing

CH/CS440/ H/S4800/ H/S4000 Pinion Arm Liner

CH/CS440/ H/S4800/ H/S4000 Spider Bushing

CH/CS440/ H/S4800/ H/S4000 Spider Oil Seal

CH/CS440/ H/S4800/ H/S4000 Step Washer

CH440/ H4800/ H4000 Concave EC

CH440/ H4800/ H4000 Concave C

CH440/ H4800/ H4000 Concave MC

CH440/ H4800/ H4000 Concave M

CH440/ H4800/ H4000 Concave Support Ring

CH440/ H4800/ H4000 Eccentric

CH440/ H4800/ H4000 Inner Eccentric Bushing

CH440/ H4800/ H4000 Mantle B

CS440/ S4800/ S4000 Arm Shield

CS440/ S4800/ S4000 Inner Eccentric Bushing

CS440/ S4800/ S4000 Lower Concave EC

CS440/ S4800/ S4000 Mantle A

CS440/ S4800/ S4000 Upper Segment EC

CH/CS660/ H/S6800/ H/S6000 Dust Seal Ring

CH/CS660/ H/S6800/ H/S6000 Inner Seal Ring

QJ340/ 341 Fixed Jaw Plate

S36 Upper Segment

SGF 1660 Primary Grizzly Bar

SGF 5102 Secondary Grizzly Bar

VM1312 Toggle Spring


1300 CF Concave

1680 CC Concave

1680 CEC Concave

1680 CEC Mantle

60-48 S/T Toggle Plate

60-48 S/T Toggle Seat


BR100JG-1E Fixed Jaw Wedge

BR350 K Fixed Jaw Plate

BR350 K Fixed Jaw Wedge

BR350 K Swing Jaw Plate

BR350 K Toggle Plate

BR350 K Toggle Seat

BR350 K Upper Side Liner

KR380 Toggle Plate

KR380 Toggle Seat


NC420/ 380 Fixed Jaw Plate

NC420/ 380 Swing Jaw Plate


1350L Spherical Bearing (Steel)

1350KFS Scraper

2012 V Packing

3015KC Scraper


4008 Inner Bushing


SB121 Moil Point D155 x L1700




These are the parts we have in stock. But, go ahead and send an inquiry to us for any parts not in this list!